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Coping strategies that maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses. Collaboration with teams and subject matter experts is required to build a robust solution.  Positive attitude required.

An unexpected and undesirable circumstance in life that always seems to present at inopportune times.  Many times, these situations can seem daunting and overwhelming.



Motivational Speaker | Blind Ultra-Athlete | Humanitarian


Jason's ability to motivate audiences with his captivating tale of growing up with a visual impairment, becoming a successful business executive and ultimately running across America has made him one of the most sought after speakers today.  Jason's talk draws many parallels facing all working environments, including risk taking, achieving success through failure, building complimentary teams, and the use of grit and perseverance in the face of adversity.  Contact Jason today for your next event.

Jason Romero Is just another person with a unique and interesting story.  His story includes losing his eyesight and gaining a Vision of making Relentless Forward Progress in all areas of his life.  His pursuit of that Vision enabled him to become the first & only blind person to Run Across America, and has taken him around the world including earning a Juris Doctorate degree, practicing law, running a $400 Million company for General Electric, saving and running a non-profit that helps children with Autism and nurturing a deep Faith.  He uses his "Triple-A" strategy as the basis for making Relentless Forward Progress.

Execution of a plan of action to exceed one's perceived potential.