Expert at transforming Dreams into Reality

Speaker | Author | Blind Extreme Endurance Athlete | Humanitarian

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"Dreams are achieved by believing, taking action and facing one's fears."

- Jason Romero, The Success Cycle

"A must read for anyone who has a dream!"

Learn how to make your dreams your reality. Business and Motivational Speaker Jason Romero reveals the process he discovered and used to become an attorney, CEO, Paralympian, World Record Holder, Author, subject of a full-length documentary and the 1st and only blind person to run across America (3,063 miles in 59.5 days averaging 51.5 miles per day). Jason has created a process that you can use in your own life to transform your dreams into your reality. This pocket book is small in size but full of big wisdom on dreams, overcoming pain and fear, understanding emotions, using your mental strength, hope, patience consistency, forgiveness, learning from failures and adapting to adversities to successfully achieve your dreams.