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Running Vision (available on Amazon.com) is a documentary about life, challenge, passion, running and finding ways to continue on despite seemingly overwhelming obstacles.  The film chronicles ultra-athlete Jason Romero's effort to be the first blind person to complete a trans-island 183 mile crossing of Puerto Rico.  A genuine and inspirational story of one person's journey to strengthen his Vision, while losing his Eyesight.  

"Running Vision is an honest and straightforward look at the heart of a runner who ignores all the normal limits that society tries to place on the visually impaired. Jason's determination and drive are apparent, but so is his love for his family. Jason has accomplished a lot in the running world but what makes this story truly special is the ease with which he accepts a challenge and the matter-of-fact way he goes about knocking down every barrier in his way. This film will make you want to lace up your shoes and go out for a good long run."

- Charlie Engle (ultra-runner & featured in Running the Sahara & Running America)

"Jason's infectious enthusiasm for life has a ripple effect on everyone he encounters. Nothing will dissuade Jason from the goals he sets for himself, no matter how impossible they may seem to others. Jason is one of the most insightful ultrarunners I've ever met. His life epitomizes a Runner's Vision."

- Ed "The Jester" Ettinghausen

(Current world record holder for most 100 mile races in a year. Former world record holder for most marathon races in a year. Current American 50-54 age division record holder (200k, 24-hour, 6-day). Veteran of 108 races of 100 miles or longer.)


- Mike Wardian (ultra-runner, world record holder & marathon champion)

"I wept through the entire film … I was speechless"

"Freaking AWESOME!"