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Jason gives back to the world by speaking to youth in primary and secondary schools, youth detention centers, the foster care system and hospitals. He has spoke to tens of thousands of students. Jason's message to youth has two parts: 1. it is OK to have struggles and feel different and 2. you are capable of absolutely anything.


Jason speaks to schools and youth organizations at significantly reduced rates, and on a pro bono basis in special circumstances. In order to have Jason inspire and encourage your youth complete the form at the bottom of this page. Presentations last for 1 hour including a time for questions and answers.

Your organization will be responsible to provide: 1. a projector, 2. a sound system for audio, 3. a microphone, and 4. a space for the presentation (usually an auditorium, lunch room, or other area large enough to accommodate your youth.


3,063 miles | 59.5 days | 51.5 miles per day


"Jason spoke with our entire student body of 1220 strong. He has inspired them to achieve more and believe that anything is possible for themselves. He is the best guest speaker we have had here. If you are looking to inspire your students--have Jason speak with them!"

- Michael Lucas, Principal @ Tantasqua Regional High School (Fiskdale, Massachusetts)

Contact Jason to inquire about an assembly or commencement address.